When All Kings Roll !

The Game Changer,

We Have Before Given Ticket's To Ride During The Holidays.


We Included Some Of Our Friend In Looking Back and Took Them To See The 3 Kings For Benefit's.

Then We Introduced Them To The Revenue That We Have To Assist In Supporting Everyone We Have.

It Really Can't Get Any Better For Your Career's,,

As The Group Ends With The Others, This Group Begins With What They Will Never Have. {New Money and The Kings In Support}

You Know The Game Use To Be Someone Supported Like This Everyone Wanted In There Circles and To Work With Them.


They In Turn Had The Right To Say Who They Wanted To Work With !!!

Celebrities In Support.

Can't Get Any Better !



All Cabinet's And Closet's

We Had Roaches. We Cleaned It and For 2 Weeks We Have Been Waiting The Pesticide Contractor. What A Mess ! 

The Rest Room Closet.

Cleaned and Waiting.

The Kitchen

Took It All Out and In The Living Room. 

The Living Room.

More From The Cabinet's Waiting For Contrctor To Spray.

he Kitchen Sink

Roaches Come Through The Walls and Awaiting A Contractor.

The Kitchen Cabinets

We Cleaned Them and Soon Can Restock.

The Rest Room Cleaning Solution's

Roaches Come Through The Walls. Cleaned and Waiting.

The Group Dinners

Across The Street This Has Been The Buildings Group Dinners Since Beginning Of Last Summer. 

{It's Who You Break Bread With}

The Privacy From Others

We Had One's That Didn't See It. Always Looking Inside and Hanging Out At Your Door. We Had To Cover The Screen Door For Privacy.